Celebrate the equality and justice, social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women across the globe.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2018 theme for this year PressforProgress act and be gender inclusive

International Women’s Day 2018 has been observed for over 100 years and is now celebrated around the world. Celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 – with the theme ‘Press for Progress’ . This International Women’s Day Annual Event celebrates women from all walks of life, highlights and reflects on the work of those who have been engaged in improving conditions for women locally, nationally, and internationally.

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About International Women’s Day

International Woman’s Day is a day which is celebrated throughout the world to remember, respect and celebrate the achievements of women in social, political, social and cultural sectors. In the 8th day of March (8th Mach) this International Women’s Day is celebrated. And this year, this day has a slogan of #PressfoProgress. This special day is observed since the year of 1900’s when the world saw its industrialization and a vast population BOOM. At that time the world clearly saw the contribution and sacrifice of women in every aspect of its industrialization. No particular Government or NGO or any kind of organization is responsible for International Women’s Day but a clear need for Gender equity and parity. The color Purple symbolizes the color of International Women’s Day.

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#PressforProgress – International Women’s Day 2018

“It is the best time to rise up for women equity and if it doesn’t start from now, then it’ll never happen. So #PressforProgress is the best way to send the awareness to the world population. The good news is, people are aware of it. Another good news is day by day, women are making positive visions and contributing in making the world better. But we know this world is not enough for women. We struggle, we suffer, we’re treated differently. #MeToo #TimesUp and more movements are going on to raise up the right and equal place for women. So, it’s not the time to complacent. Now it’s more appropriate time to give a strong #PressforProgress call to unite the community. Let’s all Press for Progress.

International Women's Day 2018